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Lonely Butterfly part I

Posted in butterfly,freedom,God,loneliness by wewordit on March 30, 2006

Trapped, and isolated through an abysmal greyness of melancholy. the lonely butterfly peered through its cage towards the world outside.

"If only I could be in that world outside then I would truly be free," the lonely butterfly thought to itself.

"Physically I have everything I could possibly want. I have a beautiful cage to shelter me for when it gets too cold. I have as much food as I could possibly need. Although spiritually I feel very low. I'm missing something very essential in life, and its freedom of movement. I want to race past the dandelions and watch the pollen float in the breeze. Dip into the nectar of a blooming tulip with gentle ease. Caressing the grass with a stroke of grace; this is my destiny I know my place."

"I have forgotten what it means to be a butterfly. I watch the other butterflies all day long and they surely seem free. The difference between them and me is that they don't question life. For them they live their lives like a dream. They don't even realize they're butterflies, because they are so immersed into their existence.

That night the butterfly prayed intensely to G-d to give it some inspiration and to lift its spirit.

All day long I sit in this cage not knowing what meaning and purpose I serve. Please G-d give me some direction. Light my light inside with your endless flame so I can spread it outwards. It serves no purpose for me to be in this cage. Please break the chains of my oppression. Free me to the power of the mighty winds where I can reach uncalculated lofty heights unbound through eternity.

The butterfly then fell asleep under its concrete ceiling next to its metal bars. G-d being the compassionate one, heard the butterfly's prayers and sent an angel of inspirational visions…..


2 Responses to 'Lonely Butterfly part I'

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  1. Izza said,

    maganda ung story from part 1-4…interesting din..
    =))…guys you must read this..lalo na sa mga nakakarelate..

  2. Edd Writer said,

    An interesting dip in to a butterflie’s mind, an alt butterfly. I started with the forth part of this story. But it’s better to start with the head and not with the tail. You have a talent with words. Keep writing.

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