meaningful short stories from the heart

Lonely Butterfly part III

Posted in butterfly,freedom,God,loneliness by wewordit on March 30, 2006

As I wake from inner space travels a feeling of accomplishment comes over me. For a brief moment I completely forget I'm in a cage or that I'm a butterfly. Slowly I'm encompassed by the overwhelming weight of the physical world around me. A haze of fatigue and depression steal my emotions. I'm stuck in this reality of trapped existence. I ache for that moment deep in the the belly of my soul when I was under the seas.

A feeling of joy comes over me when I cling onto the hope of freedom. Smacked into a reality of concrete and metal I'm constantly reminded of my lonely fate. There was something very important that I must remember that Lester talked about. It's hopeless I long for that moment when I"m truly free under the seas.

That night I had a dream of the same scenario. I"m on a boat and the water are tossing the boat back and forth. This time the boat has gained a little more control and is able to move freely. Suddenly a big wave comes crashing overboard, and it takes the boat down a whirlwind of abyssal existence to the place where Lester dwells. I notice that his home has gained a little more color, but it doesn't compare to those other areas full of life.

"Lester, how come you live in such a place of dullness and lifelessness. There are so many other more beautiful places around you where you could live?"

"My job in life is to spread light upon the darkness. This is where I"m meant to be in this moment in time, and I'm going to shine wherever G-d wants to put me. If I get down on myself because I live in a certain area then I will be caged in a prison of circumstances. You must spread your light wherever you are."

"I'm not a stupid butterfly I understand that you are trying to tell me not to let my existence of being caged affect my general well-being. I must be free inside even though externally my movement is restricted."

"Yes you are correct"

"But Lester, you feel free because your movement isn't restricted you are able to go wherever you want"

"Actually I'm in a prison too. I'm jailed in the body of a dolphin. If I dwell on the fact that I'm caged up inside the body of a dolphin I will feel miserable all the time. Instead I accept this fact and realize my body is an extension of my divine self. I must look at my body, not as a jail, but as a vehicle on the roads of experience. Freedom is an expression of the heart it knows no boundaries."


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