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Lonely Butterfly part IV

Posted in butterfly,freedom,God,loneliness by wewordit on March 30, 2006

….ON that note I woke up in the same cage. This time I tried looking at the cage as an extension of my divine self. At this moment I fluttered rhythmically expressing my deepest thanks to the Good Lord. I closed my eyes and forgot about those bars. I imagined myself floating on a cloud through time. Angles peer at me and tickle my existence. Through my nose smells of autumn mist rising from an aroma of nectar ecstasy glazing over a fresh baked apple pie steaming into my very epicenter of existence. Through my ears I hear the chirps of a newborn chick coming into existence. Sounds of winds brushing against the age old trees fluttering its leaves in an orchestra of rhythmic balance. I feel the tender caress of beautiful angel tickling my feet with a feathery extension of divine energy. It warms my very existence starting at my toes and spreading outwards towards infinity I feel a connection towards everything including my cage.

That night I went to sleep and dreamed the same dream. This time the sea is very calm and there is a slight breeze. I decide to work with my surroundings and I flow with the wind lazily into the sunset. I decide to jump into the ocean myself and go to Lester's home.

This time when I meet Lester there is a total bloom of color and life is screaming from all angles. I become mesmerized with the infinite beauty, and I loose myself within the intricate patterns of life.

"Congratulations, my home was a reflection of who you are. I see you have rekindled the spark for life and are living with open eyes" says Lester.

"Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the divine world within and without."

"Thank G-d for giving me the opportunity to grow peacefully with you and connect with you on a level of inner calmness," says Lester. "We will always be connected to each other in our hearts through eternity."

…I woke up and it was all a dream. I was never caged up in the first place, or was I. It didn't matter because I was free and I truly felt alive. This whole lesson mad me really appreciate the value of freedom of movement. I dipped in to the nectar of a tulip with the bumblebees and frolicked with the deer through the forest. I flew to the highest mountain peaks putting my fate in the hands of the wind. She took me in spiraled rhythms to the deepest jungle of her essence caressing my inner most sense of being. She brought me in her womb and nurtured my soul with tiding psalm. This is the night of the pilgrim. Going on a voyage discovering new lands and new moments I leap from my shadow of discontent into the shining glow of oneness. I have never felt so alive. I became so immersed into my existence I forgot I was a butterfly.


Lonely Butterfly part III

Posted in butterfly,freedom,God,loneliness by wewordit on March 30, 2006

As I wake from inner space travels a feeling of accomplishment comes over me. For a brief moment I completely forget I'm in a cage or that I'm a butterfly. Slowly I'm encompassed by the overwhelming weight of the physical world around me. A haze of fatigue and depression steal my emotions. I'm stuck in this reality of trapped existence. I ache for that moment deep in the the belly of my soul when I was under the seas.

A feeling of joy comes over me when I cling onto the hope of freedom. Smacked into a reality of concrete and metal I'm constantly reminded of my lonely fate. There was something very important that I must remember that Lester talked about. It's hopeless I long for that moment when I"m truly free under the seas.

That night I had a dream of the same scenario. I"m on a boat and the water are tossing the boat back and forth. This time the boat has gained a little more control and is able to move freely. Suddenly a big wave comes crashing overboard, and it takes the boat down a whirlwind of abyssal existence to the place where Lester dwells. I notice that his home has gained a little more color, but it doesn't compare to those other areas full of life.

"Lester, how come you live in such a place of dullness and lifelessness. There are so many other more beautiful places around you where you could live?"

"My job in life is to spread light upon the darkness. This is where I"m meant to be in this moment in time, and I'm going to shine wherever G-d wants to put me. If I get down on myself because I live in a certain area then I will be caged in a prison of circumstances. You must spread your light wherever you are."

"I'm not a stupid butterfly I understand that you are trying to tell me not to let my existence of being caged affect my general well-being. I must be free inside even though externally my movement is restricted."

"Yes you are correct"

"But Lester, you feel free because your movement isn't restricted you are able to go wherever you want"

"Actually I'm in a prison too. I'm jailed in the body of a dolphin. If I dwell on the fact that I'm caged up inside the body of a dolphin I will feel miserable all the time. Instead I accept this fact and realize my body is an extension of my divine self. I must look at my body, not as a jail, but as a vehicle on the roads of experience. Freedom is an expression of the heart it knows no boundaries."

Lonely Butterfly part II

Posted in butterfly,freedom,God,loneliness by wewordit on March 30, 2006

….Images flash a thousand frames per second. Searching for the correct sequence of events pertaining to its emotions of time interface. Blasting to a cosmic reality well beyond the years of our physical consciousness.

I'm on a boat floating on the sea. Waves are crashing over board and the boat is going out of control.

The boat is at mercy with the water. In essence it's a slave to the seas. wherever the water wants the boat to go it responds. The boat fights against the sea with all its might and goes against the waves, but the outside forces are too strong and out of control. The water wants to take the boat on a trip through dimensions of inner idal existence.

Time and space distort my reality where my kaleidoscope scenes spread infinitely in all directions. I become completely one with my surroundings. It's as if there is no separation between who I am and what I see. A warm euphoric calm envelopes me and elevates me to a level of G-dliness. My worries in the physical world are the furthest thing from my mind.

I'm ALIVE!! I scream

The seas answer back in a balanced joyful song, "purple laughing roses are the bountiful harvests of life; come one, come all, be free with me."

I float pass the myriads of colorful coral inhabited by G-d's children. G-d decided to be creative and he invented the seas. A diverse platform for life screaming with divine energy from all angles.

For a moment I became one with the seas. I feel connected with everything. For the first time I truly feel comfortable to shine my divine energies to those around me. Everything is an extension of my existence. I float to an area where little amounts of life exist. Here the coral struggles to thrive and the grey dullness outweighs the color.

This was where I made my first acquaintance with Lester the dolphin. Together we shared a common language of feelings. I told him how great it was to feel free"

"I understand how you feel. In physical existence there are many forces that wish to control you. This is especially true for humans. They are going through many battles. They have come a long way since slavery when they thought they could own other human beings. They have gone past extreme slavery. Although a form of slavery still exists. This slavery is on an individual basis. Many people are caged inside their own minds They put limitations upon themselves that inhibit their livelihood. This puts out their spark for life. People get very set in their ways. They don't realize they are limiting themselves. You can always push on farther and reach new boundaries and new territories."says Lester.

"To me freedom is a state of being that can only compare to a closeness to G-d. I never want to go back to my life in a cage I want to spend the rest of my life under the seas with you Lester."

"you must understand that this reality under the sea is only a parallel existence of your life in the cage. In physical reality you cannot live under the water you would surely drown. Your place in physical life belongs in this cage and you must come to except this fact. There is something very simple that you must realize on your own before you truly will be free. It's time for you to wake up and face your physical realities.

Lonely Butterfly part I

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Trapped, and isolated through an abysmal greyness of melancholy. the lonely butterfly peered through its cage towards the world outside.

"If only I could be in that world outside then I would truly be free," the lonely butterfly thought to itself.

"Physically I have everything I could possibly want. I have a beautiful cage to shelter me for when it gets too cold. I have as much food as I could possibly need. Although spiritually I feel very low. I'm missing something very essential in life, and its freedom of movement. I want to race past the dandelions and watch the pollen float in the breeze. Dip into the nectar of a blooming tulip with gentle ease. Caressing the grass with a stroke of grace; this is my destiny I know my place."

"I have forgotten what it means to be a butterfly. I watch the other butterflies all day long and they surely seem free. The difference between them and me is that they don't question life. For them they live their lives like a dream. They don't even realize they're butterflies, because they are so immersed into their existence.

That night the butterfly prayed intensely to G-d to give it some inspiration and to lift its spirit.

All day long I sit in this cage not knowing what meaning and purpose I serve. Please G-d give me some direction. Light my light inside with your endless flame so I can spread it outwards. It serves no purpose for me to be in this cage. Please break the chains of my oppression. Free me to the power of the mighty winds where I can reach uncalculated lofty heights unbound through eternity.

The butterfly then fell asleep under its concrete ceiling next to its metal bars. G-d being the compassionate one, heard the butterfly's prayers and sent an angel of inspirational visions…..