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Lonely Butterfly part IV

Posted in butterfly,freedom,God,loneliness by wewordit on March 30, 2006

….ON that note I woke up in the same cage. This time I tried looking at the cage as an extension of my divine self. At this moment I fluttered rhythmically expressing my deepest thanks to the Good Lord. I closed my eyes and forgot about those bars. I imagined myself floating on a cloud through time. Angles peer at me and tickle my existence. Through my nose smells of autumn mist rising from an aroma of nectar ecstasy glazing over a fresh baked apple pie steaming into my very epicenter of existence. Through my ears I hear the chirps of a newborn chick coming into existence. Sounds of winds brushing against the age old trees fluttering its leaves in an orchestra of rhythmic balance. I feel the tender caress of beautiful angel tickling my feet with a feathery extension of divine energy. It warms my very existence starting at my toes and spreading outwards towards infinity I feel a connection towards everything including my cage.

That night I went to sleep and dreamed the same dream. This time the sea is very calm and there is a slight breeze. I decide to work with my surroundings and I flow with the wind lazily into the sunset. I decide to jump into the ocean myself and go to Lester's home.

This time when I meet Lester there is a total bloom of color and life is screaming from all angles. I become mesmerized with the infinite beauty, and I loose myself within the intricate patterns of life.

"Congratulations, my home was a reflection of who you are. I see you have rekindled the spark for life and are living with open eyes" says Lester.

"Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the divine world within and without."

"Thank G-d for giving me the opportunity to grow peacefully with you and connect with you on a level of inner calmness," says Lester. "We will always be connected to each other in our hearts through eternity."

…I woke up and it was all a dream. I was never caged up in the first place, or was I. It didn't matter because I was free and I truly felt alive. This whole lesson mad me really appreciate the value of freedom of movement. I dipped in to the nectar of a tulip with the bumblebees and frolicked with the deer through the forest. I flew to the highest mountain peaks putting my fate in the hands of the wind. She took me in spiraled rhythms to the deepest jungle of her essence caressing my inner most sense of being. She brought me in her womb and nurtured my soul with tiding psalm. This is the night of the pilgrim. Going on a voyage discovering new lands and new moments I leap from my shadow of discontent into the shining glow of oneness. I have never felt so alive. I became so immersed into my existence I forgot I was a butterfly.


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